PA Checkpoint™

our cloud-based SaaS solution reliably informs providers whether a prior-authorization is needed in real-time

  a process known for delays, administrative friction and needless costs can be a source of operational efficiencies and customer satisfaction

Benefits for Payers

  • Reduce Call Volumes: Every diverted call from your provider network equates to tangible savings to the plan.
  • Improve Call Center Efficiency: Call center staff resolve PA inquiries more efficiently, equating to reduced call durations.
  • Reduce Prior Authorization Requests: Providers reduce their unnecessary prior authorization requests, equating to immediate administrative cost-savings for payers.

Benefits for Providers

  • Fast and Reliable Determination: PA Checkpoint delivers a real time response based on payer Prior Authorization requirements.
  • Intuitive user interface: PA Checkpoint is designed for simplicity, making it easy for clinician and non-clinician to utilize.
  • Reduced administrative burden: Quick response saves valuable time and prevents wasted effort on unnecessary submissions.


     coming in 2021

    PA Complete™

    leveraging AI and payer/provider interoperability to remove administrative costs from the Prior Authorization adjudication process

    Benefits for Payers

    • Meaningful Cost Savings: PA Complete will increase your adjudication efficiency by over 70%, minimizing resource requirements.
    • Tracking and Reporting: Establishes a clear audit trail for payer and provider enabling easy review and verification of all decisions.
    • User Friendly Design: Intuitive UI enables timely implementation and customization by LOB or customer. Database can receive mass uploads for policy requirements or revisions, streamlining workload.

    Benefits for Providers

    • Leverages Existing Processes: Implementation with the payer requires no provider training or changes to their current interactions with the plan.
    • Accelerated Approval: Providers will receive the benefit of quicker adjudication leading to improved patient experience.
    • Consistent Policy Application: PA Complete helps standardize the adjudication process relieving provider uncertainty and reducing appeals and disputes.