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PA Checkpoint

Prior Authorization Checkpoint is the first cloud-based SaaS product that enables providers to reliably determine if they need to submit a prior authorization request without contacting a payer.

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PA Checkpoint
Changes Everything

Prior Authorization Checkpoint is the only solution that creates a provider facing, searchable medical policy database organized by CPT code. This allows secure, reliable real time determination of the need for prior authorization by provider staff.

PA Checkpoint allows a provider to determine the need for a prior authorization in real time, thereby reducing calls and unnecessary PA submissions to the payer. Our clients realize millions in annual savings due to double digit reductions in call volume, call duration, and Prior Authorization submissions.

Mockup of PA Checkpoint software


Simple and Secure

PA Checkpoint is designed for simplicity, making it easy for both clinicians and non-clinicians to utilize.

The intuitive UI enables easy and timely implementation or revision of specific policies by the payer. The product customization capabilities allow flexible policy implemented by LOB or customer. The advanced database structure can receive mass uploading of policy requirements to reduce implementation workload.

security icon Secure and HIPAA compliantfriendly icon Intuitive interface and user-friendly design
api icon Utilizes APIs and
standard data structures.
user icon User Management with roles, access restrictions and logging
calendar icon Implementation in under 60 daysreporting icon Robust reporting

Payer Benefits

Multiple Product Benefits Create Value Across Organization

Checkmark Reduced Provider Call Volume

Payers using PA Checkpoint report significant reductions in call volume from their provider network. Each diverted call results in tangible savings to the plan.

Checkmark Improved Call Center Efficiency

PA Checkpoint is also utilized by payer customer service staff to quickly resolve PA phone inquiries, resulting is reduced call times and improved call center efficiency

Checkmark Reduced Prior Authorization Processing Costs

Payers report radically reduced volume of PA submissions when PA Checkpoint is implemented as payers stop submitting unnecessary prior authorization requests. This volume reduction translates into immediate savings on utilization management activities.

Checkmark Comprehensive Tracking and Reporting

PA Checkpoint establishes a clear audit trail for both payer and provider to allow easy investigation and verification of past decisions.

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Provider Benefits

Ensure Rapid Adoption By Your Network

Checkmark Fast, Reliable Determination

PA Checkpoint delivers a real time response based on a payer’s exact Prior Authorization requirements

Checkmark Reduced administrative burden

Quick response saves valuable time and prevents wasted effort on unnecessary Prior Authorization submissions

Checkmark Improved patient experience

Definitive answer on the need for a Prior Authorization enables more timely patient care and reduces patient frustration

Checkmark Platform Integration

PA Checkpoint is seamlessly accessed through existing provider portals as part of the existing PA process, enabling quick provider adoption.

PA Complete

Available Now

PA Complete

Prior Authorization Complete leverages AI and payer/provider interoperability to remove administrative costs from the Prior Authorization adjudication process.

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Gain Regulatory Compliance

PA Checkpoint is Your CRD Solution for the CMS Proposed Rule

Our modular, plug-and-play solution offers unparalleled ease of use and cost savings for administrative tasks – saving you time and money while helping your organization gain compliance with upcoming CMS mandates. Our mission is to empower payers with automated tools to maximize efficiency and reduce costs associated with prior authorizations. We envision a future in which payers have access to the most advanced technology available, enabling them to focus on what really matters: delivering quality care to their members.