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Itiliti Health’s best-in-class technology revolutionizes the prior authorization process. By clearly communicating payer rules to providers and by leveraging interoperability and automation, Itiliti Health delivers a touchless prior authorization process that is fast and efficient.

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A new era of
Medical Policy Optimization

Our solutions address the need to modernize the processes and management of prior authorizations for payers. The result is a CMS #0057-F compliant solution that delivers an improvement in patient care and significant reduction in administrative cost.

Our Products

Constructed with a flexible, open-API framework, our suite of products is designed to offer a comprehensive solution for automating prior authorizations, or it can be tailored to meet specific needs through its individual components. 

ROI Seen By Our Customers

$5 million per year in administrative cost savings

30% reduced prior auth submissions

20% reduced call volume + 15% reduced call times

Near elimination of prior auth disputes

Over 6,000% reduction in misquote costs

And more!

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At Itiliti Health, we apply cutting edge technology and interoperability standards with our deep understanding of user experience to offer a platform that eases administrative friction and workflow for plan administrators and physicians.

Prior Authorizations

Itiliti Health’s suite of transparency and automation products will reduce your costs while increasing the satisfaction of both providers and your staff.

Our solutions are:

  • HIPAA certified
  • Utilize modern APIs and standard data structures
  • Can be implemented in under 60 days

About Itiliti Health

Our team is relentless in their pursuit of opportunities to leverage innovative technology to bring more efficiency, value and customer satisfaction to U.S. Healthcare

Gain Regulatory Compliance

PA Checkpoint™ is Your CRD Solution for the CMS Proposed Rule

Our modular, plug-and-play solution offers unparalleled ease of use and cost savings for administrative tasks – saving you time and money while helping your organization gain compliance with upcoming CMS mandates. Our mission is to empower payers with automated tools to maximize efficiency and reduce costs associated with prior authorizations. We envision a future in which payers have access to the most advanced technology available, enabling them to focus on what really matters: delivering quality care to their members.