Reducing the cost of care by enabling real-time collaboration

Our Mission at Itiliti Health is to reduce the cost of care by enabling efficient, real time collaboration between payers and providers that eliminates wasteful administrative expense.

Our initial solutions address the need to modernize the processes and management of prior authorizations for payers. The result is an improvement in patient care and significant reduction in administrative cost.


Improve your efficiency. Immediately.

Providers are often confused about the need for a prior authorization. When in doubt, they call with questions or submit prior authorizations on procedures that don’t need it. Prior Authorization Checkpoint™ (PA Checkpoint™) allows providers to quickly determine if they need a prior authorization; saving money by eliminating unnecessary calls and prior authorization submissions.

Introducing Prior Authorization Checkpoint

Prior Authorization Checkpoint by Itiliti Health is a secure, cloud-based SaaS product that enables real time collaboration between payers and providers.

How we change healthcare

We believe Healthcare shouldn’t be dominated by the adversarial relationship between payers and providers. The highest quality and most timely care is delivered when all parts of the healthcare system work together in the most efficient and collaborative ways to achieve positive patient outcomes. Today, significant time and expense is wasted on data translation and verification due to a lack of mutually beneficial structures that enable positive care collaboration. We aim to change that narrative.


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