Cortney Galster



Cortney Galster is a digital entrepreneur and thought leader, with a knack for using digital tools to pursue sustainable strategies for growth. With over 20 years of experience, Cortney honed her skills by equipping small-to-midsize businesses to develop strategic marketing plans that delivered real results while staying within a tight budget. She channels this passion into her work with Itiliti Health, expanding our visibility and reputation in the market. Cortney currently leads the marketing team and provides invaluable, innovative solutions that have delivered measurable, impactful results.

When she’s not practicing her marketing magic, you can find Cortney renovating her home alongside her husband. She also enjoys staying active through yoga, pilates, and spending time with her children. And when she’s not working up a sweat with these activities, you might find her reading, cooking, or cozying up with her two dogs.

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