EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – VirtualHealth is partnering with healthcare technology solutions company Itiliti Health to help further streamline the prior authorization (PA) process by bringing together authorization and approval data in one place  for payers and provider organizations. The newly announced partnership will help HELIOS® clients execute a more automated prior authorization program.

VirtualHealth and Itiliti Health are excited to share a new, comprehensive approach to automated prior authorization. VirtualHealth’s care management and utilization management platform HELIOS compliments Itiliti Health’s prior authorization experience and solutions and will help to improve prior authorization efficiency, ultimately resulting in cost savings and better care delivery for clients.

“Prior authorization has been a challenge for many of our clients in  the past, so we are pleased to expand our utilization management capabilities through this new partnership with Itiliti Health,” said Sue Powers, VirtualHealth Chief Growth Officer. “Itiliti Health joins our family of partners that extend the value of the HELIOS platform and clients can leverage to drive significant care improvements and cost savings.”

VirtualHealth’s HELIOS platform is the country’s leading enterprise technology for care management, disease management, utilization management, and population health management. The first platform purpose built for value-based care, HELIOS provides a unified ecosystem of care for broad spectrum visibility across the entire healthcare continuum, seamless collaboration, coordination, and care delivery.

Itiliti Health’s best-in-class prior authorization solutions leverage AI and automation to create a touchless PA process. PA Checkpoint™ from Itiliti Health has been shown to reduce overall prior authorization submissions by 30%, call volumes by 20%, and call handle time by 15%. The technology enterprise is an experienced payer-focused partner with a robust roadmap to address several additional challenges for interoperability and transparency.

“We are focused on creating collaborative partnerships to solve interoperability and transparency challenges without the need for major system modifications for our clients,” states Michael Lunzer, CEO of Itiliti Health. “Partnering with VirtualHealth gives our clients direct access to an expanded care management and utilization management system that directly integrates with our prior authorization modules. It’s a big win for both companies.”

About Itiliti Health

Itiliti Health provides payer solutions that streamline the prior authorization process. PA Checkpoint™ was conceived in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and assists health plans in reducing costs by eliminating hundreds of thousands of unnecessary prior authorization-related telephone calls and submissions. PA Complete™ automates prior authorization adjudication using AI and NLP. Focused on creating solutions that address payer challenges for interoperability and transparency, Itiliti Health’s best-in-class technology accelerates communication between payers and providers so the right medical policies are applied and the right procedures are authorized quickly, securely and cost-effectively.

About VirtualHealth

HELIOS® by VirtualHealth enables government health plans, commercial payers, health systems, and specialty providers to streamline the administration of value-based care management. HELIOS allows healthcare teams to focus on providing better care and getting better outcomes, improving both patient and employee satisfaction. HELIOS uses powerful automation, data integrations, automated workflows, and unparalleled configurability to enable better communication, improve efficiency, and help providers deliver the right care at the right time. Some of the largest and most innovative health organizations across the country use HELIOS for care management, disease management, utilization management, and behavioral health needs, for millions of members. To learn more, visit  www.virtualhealth.com.