Itiliti Health presents an essential video addressing the upcoming prior authorization regulations proposed by CMS and the implementation of FHIR Prior Authorization (“PARDD”) API for payers. Led by Itiliti Health CEO Michael Lunzer, this recording provides invaluable insights into achieving compliance, maximizing return on investment, and navigating regulatory changes in the prior authorization landscape.

Navigating Prior Authorization Regulations with FHIR

Join Michael Lunzer as he outlines the requirements and implementation strategies for the FHIR Prior Authorization (“PARDD”) API, offering actionable steps for payers to ensure compliance with upcoming regulations. This webinar equips attendees with the knowledge and tools needed to proactively address regulatory changes and achieve a seamless transition to FHIR-based prior authorization processes.

Key Discussion Points

In this informative session, participants will learn:

  • Insights into upcoming prior authorization regulations proposed by CMS and their implications for payers.
  • Strategies for achieving compliance with FHIR Prior Authorization (“PARDD”) API requirements, including practical steps for implementation.
  • How to achieve a return on investment with FHIR-based prior authorization, even before providers adopt full automation interfaces.
  • The importance of proactive compliance measures and ongoing regulatory updates in the prior authorization landscape.
  • Opportunities for consultation and support from Itiliti Health to navigate FHIR prior authorization requirements and maintain compliance.

Unlocking Compliance and Maximizing ROI

This video offers a unique opportunity for payers to gain a comprehensive understanding of FHIR prior authorization requirements and implementation strategies. By leveraging the insights and guidance provided, organizations can proactively address regulatory changes, maximize return on investment, and achieve operational excellence in prior authorization processes.

Watch the video here.