Itiliti Health Collaboration with Epic Achieves Pioneering Prior Authorization FHIR Connectivity at HL7 / Davinci Connectathon

In a significant leap forward for prior authorization automation, we are thrilled to announce that the Itiliti Health team recently completed and demonstrated FHIR connectivity for the Coverage Requirements Discovery (CRD) ‘is authorization required’ transaction within Epic at the latest HL7 / Davinci Connectathon event. This achievement marks a substantial milestone in our mission to streamline payer and provider operations while improving patient care through prior auth automation.

Itiliti Health’s innovative solutions have proven their effectiveness and efficiency within large-payer organizations. The demonstration at the HL7 / Davinci Connectathon shows our current customers ability to easily achieve compliance with the CMS 0057 CRD specification.

By leveraging this Epic connectivity, providers know the payer’s prior authorization rules without leaving to access a portal or website. PA CheckpointTM provides a solution for payers to configure their complex prior authorization rules and medical policies in a database that can be accessed via Epic CRD integration, web portal or provider portal. PA CheckpointTM replaces the cumbersome spreadsheets and PDF documents that providers typically have to wade through to determine prior authorization rules.

Itiliti Health CEO, Michael Lunzer said, “Our customers have been excited to see that there is such a simple way that payers and providers can eliminate the 30% of prior authorizations that are submitted for procedures that do not need prior authorization and patients avoid prior authorization delays in care.”

To explore how our groundbreaking solution can benefit your organization and to witness firsthand the capabilities of our technology, we invite you to connect with us for a personalized demonstration. Together, we can set a new standard for healthcare interoperability, while helping you save millions of dollars annually in administrative costs and streamlining your prior authorization processes.

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Through our innovative solutions, Itiliti Health is at the forefront of transforming the prior authorization landscape. By eliminating unnecessary manual processes, implementing automation, and streamlining operations, we significantly reduce administrative burdens, operational costs, and clinical costs. Our approach not only enhances efficiency and creates significant cost savings for payers but also improves the satisfaction of healthcare providers and patients alike, making the entire healthcare delivery system more effective and responsive.

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