How Itiliti Helped BCBS MN Save Millions


As payers scramble to meet new CMS Prior Auth requirements, one payer has a solution that lays the groundwork to meet the CMS requirements AND saves millions in the process.

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This webinar covers:

  • The existing bureaucratic and business hurdles inherent in current prior authorizations processes
  • How BCBSMN’s solution created seamless efficiency on top of the existing system
  • The time and cost savings realized immediately for payers and providers

This session is for:

  • CM/UM Healthcare leaders
  • Anyone who manages Prior Authorizations
  • Payer call center leaders looking for savings and efficiency

Key session takeaways:

  • Learn approaches that can drive millions in administrative savings and meet elements of the CMS prior auth rule along the way
  • Understand how to implement efficiencies years before the CMS ruling takes effect
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