Itiliti Health and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming Partner Up to Improve Prior Authorization Experience for Providers and Patients

The new partnership will drive healthcare efficiencies across Wyoming by streamlining prior authorization processes with providers.

EDEN PRAIRIE, MN — (May 02, 2022) — Itiliti Health, a healthcare technology solutions company helping health insurance payers streamline their prior authorization (PA) processes, announced today a new partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming (BCBSWY), a non-profit insurer that serves over 100,000 members and is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.

Managing PA requests for medical procedures is currently plagued by the weight of administrative friction and operational delays. PA CheckpointTM from Itiliti Health is the first cloud-based SaaS product that enables providers to quickly and reliably determine if they need to submit a prior authorization request without contacting the health insurance company. The partnership will help to drive healthcare innovation and create cost-saving efficiencies across Wyoming and signifies BCBSWY’s proactive approach to improving the healthcare system.

The partnership will create an immediate way to reduce costs and administrative workload by automating the first stage of the PA process. PA CheckpointTM has been shown to reduce overall PA submissions by 30%, call volumes by 20% and call handle time by 15%. For BCBSWY, time and resources saved will then be redirected to optimizing service delivery with providers as well as providing quicker responses to members.

“We’re extremely proud to announce our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming and look forward to working with them closely to transform current PA processes and bring the payer-provider relationship into the 21st century with our cloud-based SaaS products,” comments Michael Lunzer, CEO and Co-Founder of Itiliti Health. “I’m confident that our digital solutions will deliver significant savings in time and resources for BCBSWY and their provider partners.”

“Itiliti Health’s SaaS solutions have been designed to meet the very specific needs of payers grappling with burdensome PA requests. We’re eagerly anticipating the launch of PA CheckpointTM to our network of providers which will help to accelerate outpatient treatments and avoid unnecessary delays in care to improve healthcare outcomes across the state of Wyoming. This will improve our members health care experience,” added Kris Urbanek, Vice President of Care Delivery and Provider Affairs at BCBSWY.

Itiliti Health is on a mission to extend its product offering further using medical policy transparency and AI to deliver widely available, automated prior authorizations to the US healthcare system. This will save costs for both insurers and providers and deliver faster, higher quality care to consumers.

About Itiliti Health

Itiliti Health provides payer solutions that streamline the prior authorization process. PA CheckpointTM was conceived in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota and assists health plans to reduce costs by eliminating hundreds of thousands of unnecessary prior authorization related telephone calls and submissions. PA CompleteTM will ultimately automate prior authorization adjudication using AI and NLP. Itiliti Health is an experienced health plan focused partner and has a robust roadmap to address several additional payer challenges for interoperability and transparency. For more information, visit

About Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming (BCBSWY), a not-for-profit health insurer and an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, provides access to high quality health care coverage, services and programs to help our members make the best healthcare decisions and get the best care. With 9 locations across Wyoming, we provide hometown service to residents and businesses while serving people and charitable organizations in communities around the state. Learn more about us at

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